From Genocide to Jail

In International politics, Terrorism on June 9, 2006 at 12:21 am

As if Sudanese refugees didn't have it bad enough in their escape from bloodshed, poverty, and persecution, it has now been disclosed that a large group of them has been put in prison in Israel.

The New York Times says:

"The [Israeli] government says that because Sudan is on the American State Department's list of terrorist countries, it fears that terrorists could be lurking among the Sudanese here. But human rights groups have challenged the detentions in court, and now some of Israel's most loyal supporters are saying the policy is wrong because it allows fear to overwhelm moral obligation…"

 "The 1954 enemy infiltrators law under which the Sudanese were arrested allows the government to hold them without judicial review to determine if they are security threats. A small number of Sudanese, mostly minors or mothers with very young children, are confined to communal farms and villages"


Click here for some background on the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

  1. check out this divestment campaign going in cali.

    Also worth checking is this piece on the "the three tools of accountability:'International Criminal Court indictments, UN targeted sanctions, and divestment from stocks doing business with Sudan.'"

    Here is an interesting take on divestment from "not just the Zionist groups."  

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