NYPD Asst. Chief Smolka’s Latest Resume Builder

In Economic Justice, New York City, US Politics on June 14, 2006 at 6:11 pm

smolkaNotorious NYPD Assistant Chief Bruce Smolka sticks his foot in his mouth again.

At a community meeting on June 6th, held to discuss a permit application for the 2nd Annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice, Smolka "told TransJustice members, 'to Go Back to The Village' and that their applications for a 5:00pm rally at 42nd Street & 8th Avenue would not be allowed."

Smolka is well-known for his general contempt for all those who aren't quite similar to him in nearly every way (also check this). As for the march itself, this is from today's International Action Center press release:

Millions of LGBT people and their supporters will participate in Pride parades and festivals, in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, and in the Twin Cities region on the weekend of June 23-25th. In both, NYC and San Francisco, the Friday evening of Pride weekend has been when Transgender communities traditionally hold marches and rallies.


Historically, 8th Avenue has been regarded as the place that several LGBT and HIV organizations as well as LGBT nightclubs have called home. TransJustice called the rally at 42nd Street & 8th Avenue to address the growing violence and murders of Trans people. The rally will also be used to commemorate the 6th year anniversary of Amanda Milan, a 25 year-old African-American transgender woman, who was brutally murdered, on June 20, 2000, in the middle of an intersection near Port Authority Bus Terminal as onlookers cheered.


“The Trans Day of Action is not only to fight for transgender peoples’ rights. It is an anti-war and anti-police brutality march. We are rallying to demand money for jobs and affordable housing of all New Yorkers,” said Lourdes Hunter, of TransJustice, "We stand against the anti-immigrant attacks coming from the White House. We know this is why Mayor Bloomberg really doesn’t want us on 8th Ave, but we intend to fight for our right to march and rally on June 23rd”.


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