World Bank’s Wolfowitz Picks Top Deputy

In International politics, International Trade, Iraq War, Laws & Regulation, Terrorism, US Politics on June 18, 2006 at 9:50 pm

ANA PALACIOThe Financial Times and Italy's API report that World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz has tabbed the first female Spanish Foreign Minister, Ana Palacio, as his top legal deputy. The API story explains:

Ms Palacio was the foreign minister in the Anzar government and supported the US intervention in Iraq. Wolfowitz, former vice secretary for Defence in the Bush administration, has always been seen as a bold member of the US government and at the Bank too is surrounded by leading conservative figures such as Robin Cleveland, Kevin Kellems and Suzanne Folsom. Ms Palacio has revealed to The Financial Times that she intends " to see that the law in the development process is respected", an issue than Wolfowits has always promoted as part of his policy against corruption. "Corruption – Ms Palacio explained – is the catalyst for the problems of governance".

So, we're all probably familiar with P. Wolfy [Straussian neo-con that had been plotting the invasion of Iraq years before September 11, 2001, etc etc etc], but a quick reminder on Ms Palacio may be in order. She is a trustee of the Canegie Foundation, supporter of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, was Chair of the EU's Committee on Citizen's Freedoms and Rights. This is likely a thank you for gift wrapping Spanish soldiers for the invasion of Iraq. I'd say to expect a similar appointment for an Italian loyalist minister, following Italy's recent beginnings of a pull out from Iraq.

Palacio may have put it best in her 2004 interview with the uber-conservative American Enterprise Institute:

My message to the United States is this: Never forget to empower your allies, because it’s very difficult today to be an ally of the United States in today’s Europe.

The World Bank: Movin' the battle from the warzone to the free trade zone, one appointment at a time.


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