A Digest For The Day…

In Misc. on July 13, 2006 at 3:57 pm

Summer is hitting hard, but here are a few stories worth checking out:

– Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo discusses the role of China in the US dispute with North Korea, arguing: “our policy of begging the Chinese to solve our problem with the North Koreans makes no sense and is in fact a joke since it assumes Chinese interests in helping us that do not in fact exist.”

– Fox News Online editorializes about the impending “implosion” of DailyKos, musing that, “in the two weeks since (NY Times editorialist) David Brooks fittingly concluded that Markos ‘has challenged his enemy and become it,’ it seems that some of Zuniga’s followers are beginning to agree. And, this is threatening an implosion at the House of Kos.”

– YouTuber interfaith posted The Daily Shows take on GWB’s approach to North Korea.

– Bill Roggio at CounterTerrorism Blog has a not-so-subtle bio of Hezbollah military commader Imad Fayez Mugniyah, who Roggio implicates in the recent kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Here’s the Wikipedia post on him.

The Daily Mail relays a report that claims, “Morning sickness may be nature’s way of protecting an unborn baby from harm, research suggests. A study has found that women are more likely to suffer from it if they consume lots of sugars, sweeteners, fried food, meat, milk, eggs and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol.”

– Colo Dem Rep Diana DeGette posted on The Hill’s Blog about the White House’s reaction to her proposal to further stem cell research: “And while it’s regrettable that President Bush will not grant us the common courtesy of a meeting, it’s just insulting that he sent his head political advisor to my hometown with a veto threat. Earlier this week, Karl Rove met with the Denver Post editorial board and announced that President Bush will veto H.R. 810 if it passes th U.S. Senate. This research is far too important to let Rove turn into a wedge issue like flag burning or gay marriage.”

Amy Schatz at the Wall Street Journal shakes her journalistic fist at the Dems on the FCC Board, blaming them for causing the board meeting to start four hours late as the Dems, “stayed upstairs in their offices working out final details (of the Adelphia breakup between Comcast and Time Warner), even as their three Republican colleagues waited in the FCC’s meeting room.”

– The Marching Season hits it highpoint in the North of Ireland, with relative calm. “Police and politicians reported little violence and lower-than-usual tensions as Protestants from the uncompromising Orange Order brotherhood mounted more than 600 parades for “the Twelfth.” Almost all shops, pubs and restaurants closed for the official holiday, which commemorates the July 12, 1690, victory of a Protestant king, William of Orange, over his dethroned Catholic rival, James II. Catholics generally despise the marches, particularly the Orangemen’s so-called “kick the pope” bands of fife and drum. Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army-linked party, since 1995 has mobilized Catholics to block passing parades, a tactic that has helped inspire widespread violence in years past.”

FIFA will hold hearings about the Zenadine Zedaine reaction to Marco Materazzi’s insults next week. I know trash talking is part of sports, but in sports, like in life, there’s a line. Hand down a heavy suspension on Materazzi if he said the things he’s been reported to say.

– Murray Armstrong, editor of The Guardian, takes on the extradition of NatWest financial criminals to the US from the UK, discussing if it is the right thing for the UK to do. The Daily Mail‘s Fiona Barton and Bob Graham recently wrote, “These three men made millions from a suspect financial deal. But is it right that they are being sent to America for trial when this country (the UK) cannot push for U.S. citizens to be given the same treatment, forcing them to face trial here?”


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