Wall Street Journal Endangers Americans Abroad?

In International politics, Terrorism, US Politics on July 17, 2006 at 12:28 pm

With all the huffy-puffy chest-pounding against the NYTimes disclosure of the administration’s domestic bank spying program (“it put Americans in danger because terrorists are now more aware of how we’re tracking them!”) it seems the Wall Street Journal somehow flew under the radar for an even more direct endagerment of Americans abroad.

Yesterday’s WSJ website noted, “In a conference call, U.S. officials said they still don’t know how to get Americans out of Lebanon and they don’t know when they will have a plan to do so.”

The basic premise of “too much disclosure” requirement in terms of troops in battle is that if a reporter gives the coordinates of troops in battle, it clearly endagers them. Granted I doubt al Queda reads WSJ’s Washington Wire (or this blog) for its info on how to attack Americans, but is it not endagerment if you say American civilians have no exit strategy, no escape hatch in an area currently in complete chaos?


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