Israeli Criticisms, From a Pro-Israel perspective

In International politics, Terrorism on August 8, 2006 at 10:28 am

Today I came across an interesting article written by someone who is Pro-Israel but critical of the violence that is going on against Palestine and Lebanon.  There is a lot of coverage on the news about what’s going on in the Middle East, but I find most of it to be one sided and lacking the true variety of opinions and perspectives that exist out there on the topic.  The perspective in this article is something that surely exists, but one that you don’t hear about too often.  He says:

 “I am pro-Israel. That’s why I criticize Israel’s violence in Palestine and Lebanon every chance I get…

I don’t say much about the immorality of Israeli actions. They are shockingly immoral. But talking about it won’t make much difference. So I appeal to naked self-interest. I point out the obvious: Every time a Palestinian or Lebanese is hit by an Israeli bomb or bullet, it spells more risk for the safety of Israel…

While we all have the right and duty to speak the moral truth as we see it, that’s not likely to change anyone’s mind very soon…

it seems more fruitful to set the ethical issues aside and appeal to the self-interest of Israeli Jews and their pro-Israel American supporters. What they want most, they say, is for the Jewish state and all of its citizens to be able to live normal lives, free from worry about terrorist rockets and suicide attacks. It’s a perfectly understandable, indeed laudable, goal. Who would argue with it? In that sense, I am pro-Israel too….

And that’s precisely why I criticize Israel’s actions in Palestine and Lebanon every chance I get — because every day, those actions make it harder and harder for Israeli Jews to live normal lives, free from worry.”

I think this writer has a good point, and it’s hard for me to understand how people can see the civilian death toll numbers, the images of destruction, and still not see how this conflict is so bad for both sides.  How can they not see that there is no progresss being made in the so called fight against terror.  Both Israel and Hezbollah are guilty of terror, and they are not making things better for anyone, or at least not for the average Israeli, Palestinian, or Lebanese person.  Please go read the entire article and take time to think about what’s really going on.


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