Rescheduling the primaries

In Election 2006, Laws & Regulation, US Politics on August 16, 2006 at 8:19 pm

Discussion of the DNC panel’s recommendation on how to reschedule the primaries continues, with a brief piece from The Hill.  Excerpt:

New Hampshire is already threatening to undermine the plan and preserve its first-in-the-nation primary by leapfrogging ahead of Nevada. Would the Democratic Party really refuse to recognize the New Hampshire convention delegation? Such a move would alienate the only state whose electoral votes went to Bush in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Failing to punish New Hampshire, however, would be an insult to Nevada and its large Hispanic population, which was an important factor in its selection.

Whichever decision the DNC makes, its potential nominees will be thrust into the center of a turf battle in which they are guaranteed to alienate an important general election constituency. That is not a very good way to start a run for the White House.

Another major problem with the DNC recommendation is that it was not developed on a bipartisan basis. Republicans hold the governor’s mansion and a majority of the state Senate in Nevada. They also control a unified government in South Carolina. Why would Republican elected officials in those two states want to help Democrats by rescheduling their primaries?


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