More Data Sharing (The U.S. wants to know if you ordered the kosher meal while flying)

In International politics, Terrorism, US Politics on August 23, 2006 at 10:10 am

The Department of Homeland Security is looking to expand it’s data sharing capabilities related to information on airline passengers flying from Europe to the United States.  While they have already been able to obtain some of this information, starting in 2004, they would like to increase the amount of time that they can keep the data as well as increase sharing of data between U.S. agencies.

Many members of the EU are objecting. WaPo reports:

“Simon Davies, director of the London-based Privacy International, an advocacy group [said] ‘They say this is yet another attempt by the United States to wrestle control of European laws away from the Europeans, that this is yet another attempt to create a global center of gravity based in Washington, D.C.”

Some of the data included in the sharing is reported as “information, which includes passengers’ names, addresses, credit card details, travel itineraries, and hotel and rental car information” as well as cellphone numbers used to purchase tickets.

The WaPO article also states that

“U.S. officials also initially wanted access to all 60 fields of data in passenger-reservation databases, such as religious identification and dietary preference. But E.U. officials objected, and a compromise of 34 fields was reached.”


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