Does Tasini = Clinton’s Lamont?

In Election 2006, Iraq War, Misc., Netroots, US Politics on August 24, 2006 at 9:46 am

Now that Ned Lamont has beat Lieberman in the Connecticut primaries, there may be a similar situation brewing in New York.

The NYTimes reported yesterday on a candidate named Jonathan Tasini who is challenging Hillary Clinton in the race for Senate.

According to the article, Tasini is citing many of the same issues as Lamont (namely the anti-war stance), but is having trouble getting the same netroot support. He is also running his campaign with far less money.

I did a search online and found that he is a regular contributor to a blog site called the Huffington Post. Here is a link to all of his posts.

While I haven’t read up on him enough to make an endorsement yet, his ideas seem promising enough to at least give him a chance and hear what he has to say.

In other words, don’t just blindly vote for Clinton (or anybody).

  1. […] Governor: Spitzer. He did some pretty good things in his position as Attorney General, including going after Wall Street firms and other parts of the financial services industry in order to make their practices better for consumers. He also seems more interested in providing the necessary funding for NYC education than his opponent. Plus, he seems to have some power when it comes to challenging Bloomberg and projects like the Atlantic Yards. Finally, Spitzer is getting the nod from NYtimes. Senate: Tasini. First of all, I’ve never been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. Something about her is not to be completely trusted. Even though I don’t know enough about Tasini, I like what I’ve seen. Plus, Hillary is probably guaranteed to be the winner here anyway, so I figure a vote for Tasini is a vote to show Hillary that people care about the issues that he is pushing. […]

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