New Wave in Corporate Crime Coming to Crest: Shrugged Shoulders

In Culture jamming, Culture of Corruption, Economic Justice, Housing, International politics, International Trade, Labor, Laws & Regulation, Misc., New York City, US Politics on August 25, 2006 at 9:21 am

Since “Kenny Boy” Lay keeled over and the NY Post called for his coffin to be double-checked for his body before covering it with dirt, investment banker Frank Quattrone has been awarded a deferred prosecution agreement (read: don’t do anything illegal for one year, Mr Q, and we’ll forget that you likely did something illegal before) and now the DoJ drops charges against Fannie Mae and former CEO Franklin Raines. Quattrone’s settlement is much the same agreement many activists, shoppers, and pedestrians came to with the NYPD after being unjustly swept up at the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC, although I suppose none of the arrestees at the RNC were then awarded back pay that would shame a phone number and zip code into feeling inadequately small. I know the moderators of this site, unjustly swept up in the pre-emptive RNC arrests, certainly didn’t.


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