Pelosi Announces “Waste, Fraud and Abuse Truth Squad”

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Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of Democrats new Waste, Fraud and Abuse Truth Squad. The Truth Squad will be chaired by Congressmen Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.).

The Truth Squad will conduct oversight of the Bush Administration’s handling of taxpayer dollars. Under the Bush Administration’s watch, billions of taxpayer’s dollars have been squandered, Pelosi said, contributing to the largest annual deficits in our nation’s history. Despite documented instances of waste, fraud and abuse, the Republican Congress has failed to provide meaningful oversight or hold the administration accountable…

Joining Waxman and Cardoza on the Truth Squad are:

Congressman David Obey (D-Wis.)

Congressman John Tanner (D-Tenn.)

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)

Congressman John Tierney (D-Mass.)

They released their first report, discussing contract abuses in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina (PDF is here). I’ll be at an event with Rep. Pelosi this afternoon, and will look to ask her what the Squad’s next target will be.

UPDATE: Patrick Murphy spoke too long about embryonic stem cell research (“they’re disgarding the embryos as medical waste currently…”) and Rep Pelosi spoke on the Dems Six on ’06 plan to have more time for the question.

  1. Cardoza’s uneventful post about the commission is at The Hill’s Blog, as Rep Pelosi’s post had to be used to trumpet the latest on Plan B.

  2. I think the truth squad’s next project should be Sacramento County. There are a lot of homeless asking a lot of questions about the way funding from sources such as US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, seems to float to the top of what I have come to call the Dominion of Care, (HUD calls it the continuum of care) leaving those targeted for the funding—-with so little they can’t afford quality services. The way it is suppose to work is all the social services agencies, and the private agents awarded these lucrative contracts, are suppose to work together to help end homelessness. But what has happened is these agencies work together to keep themselves in business with the ultimate collective goal of getting the funding, and helping the homeless is incidental to that. The spearhead of The Dominion of Care in Sacramento is a Christocratic Dream. Here, Domionist organizations like Volunteers of America have realized the dream of a “Christian America”, where preferential treatment is given to those who concur with the evangelical based curricula. HUD has awarded Mather with the best of the best award for running this right wing religious boot camp, and turned a blind eye to blatant acts of religious discrimination against the participants. In fact there is clear evidence that HUD actively participated in obstruction of numerous claims of religious discrimination. HUD also turned a blind eye when Mather was the first with a hand out for funding to assist Katrina evacuees. Despite the availability of alterative housing in a facility that would not displace the local homeless, Mather was chosen as the site to be provided “double dipped” funding from HUD. There are even rumors that Mather needed the money to offset budget shortfalls due to mismanagement of the money it was given to help the local homeless. Mather also grabbed funding to provided culinary training using the curriculum model established by the National Restaurant Association, who’s political arm is know to support Republican candidates and Republican issues, such as opposing the minimum wage. The California Branch of the National Restaurant Association was provided expenditures of funding to provide employment opportunities to the graduates of the culinary class but never provided any opportunities. The culinary class funding also went to pay for things such as sanitation certificates to county staff member, and expensive computer generated overhead projectors.
    Mather suffers from a dismal failure rate but asserts success based on empirical data no rational person would rely on. Mather does no exit interviews with departing clients. I post card is sent to participants who have secure housing and the participant is asked to do a survey. Nobody really has any idea how successful the program really is. But on any given day former participants standing in lines a food bank, or waiting to be recycled through the Dominion might.

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