Russell Simmons and Republicans

In Election 2006, US Politics on August 25, 2006 at 3:25 pm

Russell Simmons has decided to endorse Michael S. Steele, a Republican canditate for U.S. Senate from Maryland.  Read a Washington Post article on it here.
All I have to say is, what is Russell thinking?

While I can’t say that Steele is a completely terrible candidate, given many of his attitudes on certain issues, the idea of him working together and supporting other members of his party in the past (ie Bush and Cheney) is enough for me to not take his outreach to the issues of the “hip hop community” via Russell Simmons seriously.  Plus, it’s not like the activism  and actions of Russell Simmons have been too worthy of praise by many real hip hop activists either.

This quote from the WaPo article alone makes the whole thing suspect: “He might, for instance, be the only politician in America to have had fundraisers hosted this year by Russell Simmons and Dick Cheney.”

The article also says:

“Other Democrats, though, have called his strategy a cynical attempt to divert attention from his own biography: that of a social conservative who chaired the state Republican party and worked aggressively on behalf of President Bush. “

  1. Russell Simmons pimps the people he claims to help. Simple.  Whether it’s offering shitty “pre-paid debit” cards that offer zero meaningful protections  [PDF] to the cardholder, or partnering with disgusting tax refund anticipation lenders [PDF], he is only lookin for a buck and isn’t the slightest bit interested in “empowering” anything or anyone but himself.

    If Russell Simmons (or for that matter Dick Cheney) endorses any candidate, I’m voting for the opponent.  Simple.

  2. […] What a jackass.  BigDaddyChris posted on this earlier, but here’s an update: Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele yesterday aired a new commercial for his U.S. Senate bid featuring hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and said he plans to barnstorm the state after Tuesday’s primary. […]

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