Irish Nationalist Re-alignment; Re-evaluating the IRAs “Tiocfaidh Ar La”

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“Tiocfaidh ar la” is the slogan of the Provisional IRA and is Irish Gaelic for “Our day will come.” The splinter groups mentioned below feel that day (of a united, 32-county Ireland) must be expedited and is nowhere in sight under the current Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA strategy. Tomorrow’s meeting has the potential for explosive and long-term effects.

Recently-defected Provisional IRA members will join forces with Real IRA and Continuity IRA activists at a public meeting in Co Derry on Tuesday in what they believe could lead to a ground-breaking challenge to the peace process.


Real IRA, INLA and Continuity IRA members, who will attend the meeting, said they hoped to develop a way forward and put an end to the marginalisation of dissident republicans. Political activists with no military involvement are also involved in organising the meeting and will be in attendance.


Ex-IRA hunger-striker Marion Price, now a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, said dissident republicanism was strengthening. “There have been more new faces at meetings. Anti-(Good Friday) Agreement ranks are definitely swelling. There has been so much bickering in the past between anti-Agreement republicans. It’s time it stopped. Far more unites than divides us. For the sake of republicanism, we need to find a common way forward. Unity is strength.”

The Provisional IRA is what most people think of simply as the IRA (an overlooked technicality for those outside the fray). This is largely an argument centered around the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and the negotiations leading up to it between Irish Nationalist and Loyalist forces. The Agreement laid out a plan for a power-sharing executive in the North of Ireland, among other things. The Agreement has never been effectively implemented, and these groups largely see this Agreement as useless.
The groups leading the meeting tomorrow splintered off at various times in recent years because they felt the IRA and its political wing, Sinn Fein, were appeasing the British and were selling out — Sinn Fein, they say, faltered towards the ultimate goal of uniting the six counties in the North of Ireland with the remaining 26 ccounties in the South, to form a united Ireland.

If these dissident groups create a united against the British and the pro-Agreement republicans, there very may well be a dramatic surge in violence in the North of Ireland in the coming years.

Read another release about the meeting here.

  1. […] We posted the other day about a group of dissident Irish Nationalists/republicans (not Republicans in U.S. terms) looking to form an alliance to challenge the current leadership Sinn Fein, the political arm of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.  The meeting was called off, and now the mudslinging in the press will continue: Dissident republicans planning a united front against the peace process abandoned a meeting scheduled for last night… The organisers of the meeting had hoped to bring together those who are opposed to mainstream republicanism and elements who feel disillusioned with current Sinn Fein policies. […]

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