Tom & Jerry to “Just Say No”

In Children and Youth, Culture jamming, Laws & Regulation, Media Criticism, Misc. on August 28, 2006 at 2:23 pm

Missed this last week:

The cartoon channel Boomerang, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, has bowed to pressure by a special interest group and is editing out any scenes from the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons that show any of the main characters smoking. What? Are you serious? Yes I am. The rationale, of course, is that somehow a smoking cartoon cat will cause children to want to light up. The part of all of this that makes me the angriest is that any scene with a “bad guy” smoking a cigar will be left in! Hypocrisy anyone?

My question is that smoking is no good, but the violence is somehow OK? Wikipedia has, “The (Tom & Jerry) shorts are famous for using some of the most destructive and violent gags ever devised for theatrical animation: Jerry slicing Tom in half, Tom using everything from axes, pistols, rifles, dynamite, and poison to try and murder Jerry, Jerry stuffing Tom’s tail in a waffle iron, and so on. A well-used and favoured joke is when Tom hits Jerry with something such as a hammer when he is occupied (usually eating) and is initially perplexed as he continues unaffected- and he then feels the effects moments later.” T&J is the basis for The Simpson’s uber-violent “Itchy & Scratchy.”

UPDATE: My So-Called Strife says this is “Nuckin’ Futz” and lays out pics of the other offensive material in this cartoon, that will not be edited out.

  1. Thanks for linking back to shadowmonkey.net at the top of your post. We appreciate your including the link along with the blurb from our story.

    Anyway…. I love the graphic from My So-Called Strife! Hilarious, and oh-so-creatively making a great point about the story.


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