Attention: Terrorists Don’t Wear Terrorist T-shirts

In Race, Terrorism on August 31, 2006 at 9:57 am

Newspapers are reporting that a man was harassed by security and airline officials recently for wearing a t-shirt that had some arabic writing on it. The t-shirt said “We will not be silent” in both Arabic and English.

BBC writes:

He said he had cleared security at John F Kennedy airport for a flight back to his home in California when he was approached by two men who wanted to check his ID and boarding pass.

Mr Jarrar said he was told a number of passengers had complained about his T-shirt – apparently concerned at what the Arabic phrase meant – and asked him to remove it.

News24.com writes:

One of the officials told him, “Going to an airport with a T-shirt in Arabic script is like going to a bank and wearing a T-shirt that says ‘I’m a robber’,” he said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

That’s disgusting.

Edit: Keeley posted Raed Jarrar’s blog in the comments below.  I just wanted to add it here to make it more visible.  Read both Keeley’s comments and Jarrar’s post on the incident.  Behavior like this has to stop!

  1. Raed Jarrar’s blog says that he was wearing “a shirt which states in both Arabic and English ‘we will not be silent.’ He says “he got this t-shirt from Washington DC. There are more than a 1000 t-shirts printed with the same slogan, you can google them or email them at wewillnotbesilent@gmail.com.”
    He continued: “The Jet Blue woman was asking me again to end this problem by just putting on a new t-shirt, and I felt threatened by Mr. Harmon’s (an airport guard) remarks as in ‘Let’s end this the nice way’.

    And he finished it with info on next steps: If you want to call Jet Blue and ask about their regulations against Arabic script, you can use the following numbers:

    * If calling within the U.S., Bahamas or Puerto Rico: 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)
    * If calling from the Dominican Republic: 1-200-9898
    * If calling from outside the U.S. or Dominican Republic: 001-801-365-2525
    * Customers who are deaf or heard of hearing (TTY/TDD): 1-800-336-5530

    or you can leave them some comments here. Help make the US a better place by stopping such unconstitutional violations of our rights.

  2. […] To follow up on the madness that BigDaddyChris posted up on earlier concerning the Muslim American that was harrassed for wearing an innocent t-shirt that happened to have “we will not be silent” in Arabic, as well as English, here is powerful shit from TPMCafe’s Election Central… GOP Senator Conrad Burns really does have a knack for talking himself into some political jams. A spokesman for a Muslim group has just now sharply criticized Burns for his remark, just reported this morning, that America confronts a “faceless enemy” of terrorists who “drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night.” In an interview with Election Central, the spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, slammed Burns’s comments: “It just adds to the overall atmosphere of anti-Muslim hysteria and xenophobia.” […]

  3. […] What’s even worse is that the people who search for that term end up on this site because of this post, which tells the story of other anti-muslim ignorance.  I guess I should be thankful that they end up reading the story of that awful incident instead of landing on an anti-muslim site.  If my plan works correctly, they will now also end up on this post and think about this too. […]

  4. […] It’s my understanding that he and others from this organization have worked with Raed Jarrar, who we discussed in the post, “ATTENTION: Terrorists Don’t Wear Terrorist T-Shirts.” I understand that some from their group were arrested at the Pentagon for dropping pamphlets with the same slogan that Jarrar featured on his shirt (”We will not be silent,” written in Arabic). […]

  5. Its not disgusting, its a predictable reaction from a person responsible for security. I applaud their diligence.

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