Cali GOP Registers Imaginary People, Blames Sub-Contractor

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Dear readers, You ever play that card game “Bullshit”?

According to the Sacremento Bee:

Several GOP voter-registration workers created fake individuals in documents submitted to the California Republican Party, which said Thursday that it discovered the fraudulent activity through an internal review and forwarded its findings to Secretary of State Bruce McPherson… The documents were filed two weeks ago by an unnamed Southern California subcontractor hired by the party’s principal registration vendor, California Grassroots Mobilization…

Kevin Korenthal is listed as a contact for California Greasstoors Mobilization. The domain name attached to his email adddress does not work, however. Mr. Korenthal is a lifetime resident of Southern California. He was a City Chairman for Bush/Cheney04 in Los Angeles County and currently writes a daily weblog at http://www.socalpundit.com.

Here is a brief excerpt of one post on his social pundit site:

“We will win this war but it will be no thanks to liberals of today. Rather than see America to victory you constantly ponder our ever-imminent loss. To me that means you are working on enemy Islam’s side. This is a struggle for the future of humanity. You know what the sides are, which are you on Mr. scvvoter?”

If you’re interested to ask him questions:

Kevin D. Korenthal
California Grassroots Mobilization
24267 San Fernando Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91321
Phone: (661) 310-0769

This “registration vendor,” Kevin Korenthal, seems to share an address with another organization at 24267 San Fernando Rd: The Santa Clara Valley GOP. A Cali State Rep also shares this address. And what organization is included in the links page at the Santa Clara Valley GOP site, other than Korenthal’s SoCalPundit? Here he is saying, “I’m basically (Santa Clara Valley GOP’s) chairman, but to be honest with you, we’re still trying to figure out what the name of this position is. Essentially, my duties include working out a plan for additional voter registration, and making sure that we’re getting our Republicans to the polls, and increasing our volunteer turnout.”

So, clearly the chairman of the local party, who’s also the contact at this private company leading the registration drive effort, found out somebody fucked up and he’s gotta pin it on the sub-contractor… so the question is, what role in Santa Clara Valley GOP do the principals at this sub-contractor hold.

I’d bet dollars to dingos that a reporter in the area was getting sweet on the fake names, so the GOP beat ’em to the punch by “coming clean” and getting this story printed first. I call “Bullshit!” and I don’t expect to be the one picking the cards up off the table.

  1. Oh, I am pretty sure you will be the one “picking the cards up off the table”.

  2. So while I was combing the Blogosphere this morning I happened across this story about a Democrat canvasing organization called, ironically enough “Grassroots Campaigns”:

    The Isthmus, of Madison, Wisconsin, notes that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has hired Boston’s Grassroots Campaigns to solicit money for the DCCC by promoting, among other things, the need to raise the minimum wage. One problem: Grassroots doesn’t pay the canvassers who campaign for minimum wage increases the current minimum wage

    Read on here.

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