There’s No Crying in Baseball, and No “Innocent Bystanders” in Guantanomo Bay

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Bush is currently addressing the country, or, well, at least those people in the country who are interested to listen.

He just said that Guantanomo Bay doesn’t hold any “innocent bystanders.” It sounded and tasted like BS, so i did a straightforward Google search for “Guatanamo Bay” and “innocent bystanders.” Not surprisingly, it netted over 19,000 results. Below is one of the first results of that search:


6/23/04: A senior American military interrogator at Camp Delta told 60 Minutes II that as many as 20 percent of the Guantanamo prisoners were sent there by mistake – and that they were innocent bystanders, or very small fish.


Like in the movie A League of Their Own, when Tom Hanks says there’s no crying in baseball in clear contridiction to the player that is crying in front of him, it looks like, according to a “senior American military interrogator at Camp Delta” in Guatanomo Bay, one of every five prisoners at Guantanomo shouldn’t be there despite claims they should be.

Saying there’s no crying in baseball sure don’t make it true.


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