NPH Wouldn’t Do That, KSM Would (They’re Pretty Sure)

In Afghanistan, Civil Liberties, Culture of Corruption, Election 2006, Election 2008, Global War On Terror, International politics, Iraq War, Laws & Regulation, Misc., New York City, Terrorism, US Politics on September 7, 2006 at 7:30 pm

Yesterday, Bush answered the question I relayed from Attytood a few weeks back: Why isn’t Khalid Shaikh Mohammed on Trial?  It’s cuz he was in a not-so-secret CIA prison.  And why is he now going to be on trial?  Cuz Iraq is a mess, and it’s time to bring attention back to the “successful” end of the GWOT.  Here is the repost from Attytood:

Forget bin Laden (as Bush and Cheney seemingly have) for a moment. What is the deal with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, said to the organizational planner of 9/11, in custody somewhere since 2002 — and to this date not charged for his role in the greatest mass murder in American history?

What gives? Wouldn’t a conviction of KSM, under the American system of justice be not just a courtroom victory but also a victory in the worldwide court of public opinion, where America has been slaughtered the last four years or so? Instead, KSM is hidden away in an American gulag that makes a mockery of the values our troops are supposed to be defending.

That’s a more important question than what it reads on bin Laden’s “Most Wanted” poster.

Good points from Attytood, but part of the logic is already being undercut: The presumption that the conviction of KSM would be “under the American system of justice,” while one of the JAG attorneys for a prisoner at Guantanamo already said on MSNBC that the Bush proposal from yesterday makes no substantive changes to the system that the Supreme Court already struck down in the Hamdi case.


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