Election Day 9-12-06

In Election 2006, Housing, Iraq War, New York City, US Politics on September 11, 2006 at 9:44 pm

So i’m thinking that they should move elections to the spring so that they don’t fall so close to Sept. 11th. TV is full of images of September 11th and of election talk, so you can’t help but think about them together. Obviously, the President and Co. have capitalized off of this day in U.S. history, and removing election day from the picture would help to remedy that a little. But I guess it really doesn’t matter anyway, because if elections were moved to the spring they would just make up some terror alert.

ballot box

Plus, tomorrow is less about rivalry between parties and more about rivalry within parties. I personally am registered as an independent (so that i can critique both parties from the outside), but I have to honestly say I’m missing out on something in tomorrow’s primaries. I may have to reconsider my party registration for the future.

My area has one of the hottest election battles in NYC, with the Congressional seat that Major Owens stepped down from sitting wide open. There is also interesting races going on for Governor, Attorney General, and Senate.

The following is a list of how I would vote if I were to be voting tomorrow:

Governor: Spitzer. He did some pretty good things in his position as Attorney General, including going after Wall Street firms, and other parts of the financial services industry, in order to make their practices better for consumers. He also seems more interested in providing the necessary funding for NYC education than his opponent. Plus, he seems to have some power when it comes to challenging Bloomberg and projects like the Atlantic Yards. Finally, Spitzer is getting the nod from NYtimes.

Senate: Tasini. First of all, I’ve never been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. Something about her is not to be completely trusted. Even though I don’t know enough about Tasini, I like what I’ve seen, including his criticisms of Hillary’s past and present stances on the war in Iraq. Plus, Hillary is probably guaranteed to be the winner here anyway, so I figure a vote for Tasini is a vote to show Hillary that people care about the issues that he is pushing.

Attorney General: Green. Just like Spitzer, the New York Times is endorsing Green, which is a big plus in my mind for him. But on top of that, Cuomo has been linked to a major slumlord (another article here) as well as being former head of HUD (aka the #1 worst landlord in the city and country on the Village Voice’s top 10 worst landlords list). That doesn’t reflect too good on him, in my opinion.

Congress: Chris Owens. All of the Congressional candidates seem to be decent choices, but I have to give my personal endorsement to Owens. In the end, he is the most progressive, and is the only candidate in this race that completely opposes Ratner and the Atlantic Yards project. Other than that, one issue for me in this race is, well, race. While Yassky doesn’t seem to be that bad, I have some issues with voting for the only white guy in the race for a black majority district. I mean, the guy did get heckled and had donuts thrown at him by some local residents after all.


If you aren’t sure about what to do tomorrow, don’t use that as an excuse not to vote. Read up on it tonight. There is plenty of information available online about candidates and races. In NYC, for example, Gotham Gazette provides a great guide during each election season. Check it out here. As for other cities, I’m sure there are similar guides.


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