Board of Elections Error Encourages Illegal Activity

In Election 2006, New York City, US Politics on September 12, 2006 at 9:03 pm

Why does this country, international fighter for “democracy,” have so many problems with voting? The list of reasons for people not to vote often appears longer than the reasons for them to vote: election fraud, miscounts, outdated voting machines, voter intimidation, disenfrachisement, and confusing instructions at the voting booth (not to mention lack of inspiring leaders). As if all that wasn’t enough, we also have the problem of Boards of Elections making mass mistakes and then giving misinformed instructions….

The NYTimes Empire Zone blog reported today that:

Roughly 200,000 New York City voters who had recently moved were given the wrong information about where they could vote in today’s primary, according to officials at the Board of Elections.
In a mailing sent to their new homes, these voters were told to go to their old polling places, which is technically not legal.

This kind of reminds me of another incident during the 2004 elections. My roomate received a notice from the Board of Elections telling him to go vote on the wrong date! They sent a follow up, correcting their mistake, but what if he didn’t get that message? I dont even know how many people this happened to.
Today’s mishap is another chapter to a very large problem in this country. If we are going to parade the idea of democracy around the world, we need to do a lot of work to make ours work right.

To put today’s problem in further context, I believe it was a smaller number of votes that caused dispute during the 2004 elections…which makes 200,000 look pretty significant.

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