Bush assasination film set for U.S. distribution (unless protestors stop it)

In Misc. on September 13, 2006 at 10:41 pm

Death of a president

I found this article on CNN.com about a movie that depicts President Bush getting assasinated.  Sounds like a pretty crazy concept for a movie/mockumentary.  Read below:

TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) — After you kill off President George W. Bush in a fictional film, what do you do? How about make a deal.

Gabriel Range, the British producer/director/creator of “Death of a President,” the fictional documentary that sight unseen became one of the most talked-about movies of the Toronto Film Festival, has sold U.S. distribution rights to Newmarket Films, which handled Mel Gibson’s equally provocative movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

Newmarket, which reportedly paid $1 million for the film, is expected to give “President” a wide release within the next few months. It will air on Britain’s Channel 4 next month….

The film is shot as if it were a conventional television documentary, even though the events are fictional.

Range, who also co-wrote the film, uses footage taken of Bush during three visits to Chicago to create the scenes that lead up to the president being shot.

He also uses special digital effects to superimpose the head of the president on that of an actor pretending to be shot, and he creates a flowery eulogy delivered by President Dick Cheney at the funeral of his predecessor.

The movie opens with demonstrations against Bush as he visits Chicago in 2007. As he leaves a hotel after delivering a speech, he is shot by a sniper in a nearby building.

A police hunt leads to the arrest of a Palestinian man on flimsy evidence. Later the man is convicted of the assassination and kept in prison even as evidence points to another person as having committed the crime….

The 93-minute film’s subject matter has led to protests in the United States, especially from conservatives. Range said he has received five or six death threats.

But he said that was because there was a rush to judgment about his film, without people knowing what was in it. “We portrayed the horror of assassination. I don’t think anyone would get the idea of assassinating Bush from this film,” Range said.

I like that the filmmaker approaches this topic with some complexity, showing the “horrors of assasination,” as he says, but also showing potentail results in today’s political climate, such as a Palestinian man being falsely arrested.  It looks like he decided to do it tastefully, rather than just making a movie for shock value.  Hopefully the protestors won’t make enough noise to get it banned before it actually reaches theaters.  It could very well stimulate some important and intersting discussions.  Of course,  all of what i just said is subject to change after I actually see the movie.  (i’m predicting my review of the movie like he’s predicting what would happen if the President was shot)


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