Ignorant Internet Surfers

In Global War On Terror, Technology, Terrorism on September 13, 2006 at 10:59 pm

Ok, so the first couple times I saw the search term “anti muslim t-shirts” appear under the search terms that led to this site, I shrugged it off as nothing.  But at this point,  that term has led internet browsers to our site almost everyday (sometimes multiple hits per day).

If this means what I think it means, then all I have to say to whoever is searching for that:


Don’t believe the hype that is fed to you in the media everyday.  Yes, there are some bad Muslims in the world.  But guess what, there are bad Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Athiests, and every other religious, political, or cultural group out there.  Even the current Administration probably understands at least that simple concept.

It would be one thing for you to search for shirts that say “Find Osama” or something like that, but to target the entire Muslim population of the world with your idea for a t-shirt?  Do t-shirts like this exist or are you just hoping they do?

What’s even worse is that the people who search for that term end up on this site because of this post, which tells the story of other anti-muslim ignorance.  I guess I should be thankful that they end up reading the story of that awful incident instead of landing on an anti-muslim site.  If my plan works correctly, they will now also end up on this post and think about this too.

Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t help but let it get to me.  It got to Keeley too, just for the record.  He told me in person.


  1. I stumbled upon this post while “tag surfing” and just had to leave a comment saying that I agree completely, great post!

  2. I agree w ya, BigDaddy. Thanks for bringing it out…

    It’s disturbing to see so many people find our site through such a seemingly vitriolic sentiment. If people searching for those types of t-shirts read this, I would be interested to hear specifically WHY they would be looking for anti-Muslim t-shirts, if they’re looking for only anti-Muslim t-shirts or if it is other religions as well, and why such a sentiment would be properly expressed through a t-shirt.

    I get that clothing is extremely important in US culture — look at the images of the 20s Clappers, to the 60s hippies, or 80s punks for obvious examples, but those were counter-cultural expressions often associated w a sepratist mentality, but not the type of hate-filled venom that the simple phrase ‘anti-muslim t-shirt’ invokes.

    I want to know how wearing an anti-Muslim t-shirt will further the ‘Global War on Terror.’
    I want to know who will gain information from someone wearing an anti-Muslim t-shirt — is the point to tell children that it’s OK to be anti-Muslim? Is that the point?
    Is it meant to be a badge of honor?

    Is it to express rage at the ‘terrorists’? Feel free to criticize my use of quotations, because we’re lumping a lot of groups into the ‘terrorist’ haystack without differentiating them in any meaningful way — I know of no better way to unite previously disjointed enemies in the plural than to ignorantly paint them all with the same singular brush, be it ‘IslamoFascists,’ ‘terrorists,’ ‘axis of evil,’ or simple ‘Muslim.’

    Please, tell it to me like I’m a liberal asshole that understands neither the politcal nor the fashion world.

  3. Indeed, who are the leading terrorists of the last 15 years? How about Timothy McVeigh? How about Slobodan Milosevich (a Christian who terrorized Muslims)? How about the Japanese sect that gassed the Tokyo subway? How about the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda? Islamists may have bought a franchise, but they come late to the party.

  4. When the Pope read from ancient text, and muslims then killed a Nun….Should we turn our heads? Why do our leaders send all of our money to muslim countries that are intollerant of other relgions? Our children are dying in their countries so that they may kill christians in other countries.

  5. I think the conversation should be whirling around PEOPLE not RELIGIONS — i.e., not Christians insulting/inciting Muslims, or vice versa, but looking at it all in context and being the least bit hypocritical as possible.
    That is not to say the Pope should stop being Christian or stop discussing Christianity. It;s not to say it is the Pope’s fault alone for the (limited) violence that arose as reaction to his statements. It’s not to say he should stop comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam. I think it’s necessary to go through those comparisons for public education.
    I DO, however, think the Pope may not have made the wisest of choices when he decided to quote that text (perhaps going to Jerusalem and quoting Mein Kampf would be equally moronic, even if not a direct analogy).
    I agree that the reaction from CERTAIN PARTS of the “Muslim World/Street” can be seen as hypocritical, but that goes for any religion (simply look to the Indian subcontinent for the religious extremism of any flavor of your choosing).
    As for our leaders sending money to these Muslim countries intolerant of other religions — yes, religious harmony and economic harmony go hand-in-hand, but h’bout us sending money to countries with religiously intollerant string attached (no pre-natal care dollars for your country unless you forbid abortion or even contracetive distribution.).
    If we’re going to LEAD the war on religious intollerance, let’s work on our shit at home, let’s work on the way we approach things abroad, and let’s try to understand the context in which we speak — it might help to avoid inciting unintended reaction.

  6. I’d also like to point out that even now, over two weeks since BigDaddyChris’ post on “Ignorant Internet Surfers” and nearly a full month after his original post about “Terrorists Don’t Wear Terrorists T-Shirts,” four of our top five search terms leading surfers to our site are still along the lines of “muslim tshirts,” “anti muslim tshirt,” or “anti terrorist t shirt.”
    I thank my personal God one can express their outrage at a fighting tactic through their fashion.
    Only in America.

  7. Very well said, Keeley! The President often says his first task is protection of the homeland. Seems to me the first task of the Chief Executive should be ensuring the integrity of the homeland (ie, making sure the homeland is what it says it is). That’s to agree with your comment about leading the war on intolerance – “let’s work on our shit at home, lets work on the way we approach things abroad, and let’s try to understand the context in which we speak . . .” Thanks!

  8. Personally, i found this site because i was searching an “anti-muslim t-shirt” because one of my best friends is a muslim. he was actually featured in a News Week article. sadly, they mis-represented him so badly in the story about his family and how he decided to become a muslim.
    he’s going to get an anti-christian t-shirt.

    i suppose you could say we are mocking each other, or society in general, but i’m sure we’re going to get some interesting looks.

  9. In nearly every country throughout the world Islam is being spread by brutal force. It is a danger to the world and should be rolled back! thereligionofpeace.com documents it all.

  10. its so funny what a bunch of lie down and take it sissys this country is infested with {and this ignorant blog}. islam is a menace nothing more nothing less, i would hope more young men would enlist to kill these scum bags, because killing is all they understand, oh yeah and goat fucking too they understand that….ha ha well on to my most offensive anti islam shirt i can buy…peace

  11. but where can i get a tshirt from ????

  12. You are the people who should stop being ignorant. Mohammed was a paedophile, murdering, lying, charlatan bandit who made up the Islamic cult to gain power over the ignorant peasantry. The cult then spread by violence. That such an odious cult should still have so much power in the world is a sad testament to the level of ignorance that still persists in much of the world today, often deliberately fostered by governments and mullahs. The only way this repulsive cult and its affront to basic human rights will be eradicated is by people having the courage to take it on. And given the response of muslims to free speech, courage is really required.

  13. bobo you could get one from here http://www.cafepress.com/buy/anti-muslim

    People are sick of having to respect something that is stifling our free speech, something we are proud of in direct contrast to Islamic countries.

    If you can’t take the criticism, tough. Since we are the ‘infidels’ we will will be punished whether we wear anti-muslim t-shirts or not.

  14. What a bunch of liberal bullcrap. Seems to me that some of you have been drinking the kool-aid. So for all you that want everyone to love one another….what are you going to do when our children lose their rights because doing something may offend the muslims??? This is the pussification of America. I bet you’ll vote for obama too…How does this sound? “Ladies and gentlmen, the President of the United States of America…Barrak Hussain Obama. My grandfather just rolled over in his grave.

    You can find shirts at http://www.deathrowtshirts.com

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