In Misc., Technology on September 13, 2006 at 12:03 am

Apple today announced iTV, a device whose function will revolutionize media distribution in every way.

iTV A wireless high-speed connection will distribute ANY content in your iTunes (movies, music, and perhaps soon live tv) from your computer to your television instantly. And it’s even going to be available in HI-DEF!

Sure there’s Slingbox, a device to send the signal from your cable box over IP, but you still have to pay for the cable box at your home for you to have any content to watch.  And you need a morgage to afford a Tivo.

With iTV, the content distribution is the entirety of the internet.  Want to watch a video podcast?  Download it and watch it in HD.  Need to catch the latest episode of Lost?  Download & Watch in HD.  George Bush just choked on a monkey?  Download it and watch…in HD!

And because the content is all managed through iTunes (or similar software), this opens up a whole new outlet for independent video dissemmination, which can only mean a more accessible and diverse media that is delivered to you without commercial filter (aka censorship) straight to your TV.  Imagine your favorite blog or podcast now available as automatically downloaded video content on your computer AND your television.  Tivo to the extreme!

In some way, shape, or form, this technology will further re-invent media distribution, much in the way that blogs have re-invented journalism.  Even though it won’t be out until at least 2007, you can sign me up right now.

On a related but totally different note, check this out.  I believe that this is a humor column by a Dr. Bernard Weiner.

A quick google search on Mr. Weiner reveals that he runs a site called Crisis Papers.  He’s also a PhD, and a professor at UCLA, which made me think for a second that this article was true, but his website has an entire “fantasies” section, so I’ll assume this is part of such delusions.

Here’s an excerpt:


“This new invention is only in its trial phase,” he said, eyes gleaming in excitement. “But if the current tests are any indication, this device will revolutionize spying, journalism, the whole concept of privacy, everything. I call it ‘The Flying Wi-Fi’.”

Since his expected patent hadn’t come through yet, he swore me to secrecy for how this insect-drone worked. He needn’t have bothered, as I couldn’t follow his jargoned explanation of nano-technology anyway, but I can tell you this much: The Flying Wi-Fi is about the size of a small moth, it can stealthily hover or remain stationary almost
silently in any location, and it’s equipped with an ultra-sensitive wi-fi camera (with an amazing wide-angle lens) and microphone.

“Do you get it now?” he asked me. “Basically, with miniaturized, improved wireless technology components, it sends signals back to the computer base. The data can be viewed, listened to or transcribed into text…

“Well, I told you that this was going to revolutionize the concept of privacy,” he said, “but don’t forget that it will also totally alter the way journalists and bloggers gather information and dispense what they learn. The democratization, and instant dissemination, of information. Government officials better watch what they say.”


He goes on to discuss overheard converstations in the offices of Rove, Cheney, et all.  Fictional, yes, but the device is a scary thought nonetheless.

Ah, technology, how I love and hate thee all at the same time.

Bush & Cheney


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