NYTimes “Other People’s Children”

In class warfare, Culture jamming, International politics, Iraq War, Media Criticism, Misc., New York City on September 14, 2006 at 10:24 am

Attytood, I think, hits a new high point    by highlighting this lowlight for the Times:

The fact that this phrase could get past a bevy of editors on West 43rd Street, not to mention thousands of readers, including so many who comment on the media on their own blogs, speaks volumes — about why the nation can’t come to grips with Iraq, and how far we in the media have distanced ourselves from the great mass of citizens.

The New York Times said this:

The time when we felt drawn together, changed by the shock of what had occurred, lasted long beyond the funerals, ceremonies and promises never to forget. It was a time when the nation was waiting to find out what it was supposed to do, to be called to the task that would give special lasting meaning to the tragedy that it had endured.

But the call never came. Without ever having asked to be exempt from the demands of this new post-9/11 war, we were cut out. Everything would be paid for with the blood of other people’s children, and with money earned by the next generation. Our role appeared to be confined to waiting in longer lines at the airport. President Bush, searching the other day for an example of post-9/11 sacrifice, pointed out that everybody pays taxes.

“Other people’s children”? Who exactly are the “others” in this editorial, and who is the “us” of the airport lines?

  1. In the attytood blog post, he describes the situation in a town in Pennsylvania. After I read that, I decided to try and look for the number of New Yorkers fighting in Iraq just to try and bring it closer to home for the NYTimes. I couldn’t find it, but I found an old article about soldiers from New York getting sick from being exposed to radiation from Uranium. Heres the link.  The point is that the writer of that NYTimes piece must even consider the families of the New York soldiers as “others.”
    Anyone know the number of New Yorkers fighting over there?

    Edit:  Liftwhileclimbing’s own nated0g gave me a couple of links on this topic.  See below:

    This is a link to an article from 2004 that tries to break down demographics of soldiers that have died, and even has a table at the bottom of the page that lists the numbers for each sate. New York rated number 43 on the list for ratio of fatalities to the entire state population.


    Here is a link to a list of every soldier that has died in the war.  It’s a long list, but if you read on, you can find the names of soldiers from New York.

    The fact that soldiers from New York have died is obvious, but apparently not obvious enough to the NYTimes.  While the “other” America has been exposed outside on NY via Hurricane Katrina and blog posts like attytood’s, the more important “other” for the NYtimes to realize is the one right on their doorstep.

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