The “I don’t have a car!” dance

In Chicago, Children and Youth, civil, Environment, International Trade, Iraq War, Misc., Sexuality, Technology on September 19, 2006 at 1:32 am

If you’re in NYC you might scoff at this, but there are many places where driving is the norm. Chicago is one of them..

I live in Chicago, however, and I don’t have a car!!!

Why am I dancing about it? Let me tell you all the reasons:

I don’t pay for gas!! Hence, i provide less motivation to go to war for oil than i might if i made trips to the pump

I don’t pay for car insurance! Hence, i have more &^$(#ing money than i would have otherwise

Biking everywhere keeps me in shape!! -Hence, my mood is improved, and my body-image experiences a boost.

Bike repairs don’t cost nearly as much as car repairs. And you can do them yourself!!!

Experience the world as you travel, without a barrier of glass and steel.

I experience the elements, and am therefore more in tune with nature and weather! When its raining, i know it; when its cold, i feel it! Biking through a cold Chiciago winter is something to be very proud of, an ordeal of beauty.

The bicycle is one of the most incredible inventions we’ve ever come up with! -Still powered by my peanut-butter sandwich, but much faster than walking

And the best thing of all: NO *@&^ TRAFFIC!

i just weave past em!

A candid little anecdote to support what i’m saying:

I went to a party last weekend, and pedalled home with a beautiful woman on my bike seat. I offered to call a cab, but she preferred the biking experience! Who would have thought?


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