Gov to New Mex Voters: Don’t Bother, Here’s Your New Rep

In Election 2006, Election 2008, Laws & Regulation, US Politics on September 27, 2006 at 10:44 pm

[Sorry for the funneling of other sources today, but it’s just like that sometimes.]

From Ballot Access News:

New Mexico state house representatives have two year terms. This year, the voters who live in the 68th district have lost their right to elect a state representative.

The only person running for that seat in this year’s primary was incumbent Democrat Hector Balderas. Naturally, he was re-nominated by the Democrats. Normally his name would then have appeared on the November ballot, unopposed. Although New Mexico permits write-ins, no write-in space is printed on the ballot for a particular office if no declared write-in candidate filed by early June.

In September, Balderas was chosen by a meeting of the Democratic State Committee to be the party’s nominee for State Auditor, since the person nominated for that office in June had withdrawn due to charges of sexual harassment. Since New Mexico law does not permit anyone to run for two offices simultaneously, Balderas’ name was removed from the ballot as the Democratic nominee for State Representative, even though it was too late for anyone to withdraw. Therefore, the office has no candidates, and won’t even appear on the ballot.

Most shocking, there will be no special election to fill the seat next year. The Governor will appoint someone who will serve until the November 2008 election.


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