Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret

In Misc. on October 1, 2006 at 5:53 pm

Jeremy Caplan, writing for Time magazine:

    “There’s nothing sexy about bad publicity. Victoria’s Secret has had its fair share over the years… Now the attacks are coming from a bunch of tree huggers in suits. Forest Ethics, an environmental-advocacy group, has launched a national campaign of protests.

    The reason the environmentalists are so mad: Victoria’s Secret prints and mails 395 million catalogs a year, averaging more than 1 million a day… Activists argue that Victoria’s Secret is contributing to the stripping of endangered forests. Forest Ethics is trying to pressure the company into changing the paper it uses, 25% of which comes from the Great Boreal Forest in Canada, one of the world’s largest endangered forests. Unlike more radical environmental groups, which refuse to negotiate with companies they view as evil, Forest Ethics has tried to introduce Victoria’s Secret to green-friendly suppliers and convince the company of the benefits of using recycled paper. “It used to be that you either worked with companies or against them,” says Forest Ethics executive director Todd Paglia. “But that’s foolish and a false choice. We help companies change, but we don’t take no for an answer.”

In my opinion, when we’re ravaging our world to make glossy pictures of boobies, its time to tear it all down and take a new look at everything. Still, I’ll take small change over none at all. So: an irregular (yet enthusiastic) “good luck” to Forest Ethics!

  1. The site for Victoria’s Dirty Secret is http://www.victoriasdirtysecret.net. They’ve been on this campaign for a while now — since this is such a straight-forward ask, this will certainly be a successful campaign.

  2. Good point. I like the straighforwardness. It would be nice to ask for more, but sometimes its best to ask for what you know you can get…

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