The World Can’t Wait Demos

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Tomorrow there will be a “Day of Mass Resistence,” organized by The World Can’t Wait. They’ve placed ads in newspapers across the country for this event that will be centered in DC, but will have locations throughout the nation. Our friends from Outernational, who Tom Morello says will be the next Rage Against the Machine, will be playing the NYC demo.

It’s going to take all kinds to get the change we need in this world, and this group is one that is making the necssary noise to make people turn and listen. That is for damn sure.

Join in–get loud–demand more. The time to be silent has long since passed.

  1. I know the demonstrations are over today, but i found a good article at the Village Voice about them that was published beforehand. Basically, I would urge people who are considering getting involved with groups such as World Can’t Wait to read this and consider the negative sides that are described. The marketing of these protests is great, and they do a good job of getting publicity, but there’s more than meets the eye. See below:


  2. Here’s another article about the demonstrations (written afterwards this time).


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