“A temporary gift for my jihadist hackers”

In Civil Liberties, Culture jamming, Economic Justice, Global War On Terror, International politics, Media Criticism, Netroots, Race, religion & politics, Terrorism on October 8, 2006 at 11:36 am

As “a temporary gift for my jihadist hackers,” Aaron.cc has a page of intense images, with a generic version of REM’s Losing My Religion playing in loop. One image, though, I don’t understand.

I’m not familiar with the blog, or how long the images have been up, but the pork image seems odd to be coming from a presumably Kosher author and pointed towards a presumably Halaal audience.

I’m neither Jewish nor Muslim, so please correct me if I’m way off base.

  1. Aaron here, following the referral link. It’s against Muslim law for a non-Muslim to touch a koran.

    Judaism has nothing against pigs except eating them.

    If you want to guarantee that Muslims finally become serious about terror, have mass transportation companies announce that there are cans of Spam embedded throughout the vehicle so that if it explodes, there will be swine shrapnel.

    Want to speed up security? Use an old pigskin football clearly labeled as such and see who refuses to walk it through the security gate of the airport.

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