Amy Goodman on Colbert Report

In Media Criticism on October 9, 2006 at 11:22 am

Last week Amy Goodman, the host of radio show Democracy Now, made an appearancce on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

I don’t have cable, but luckily I do have a high speed internet connection with access to sites like YouTube. Here is a link to the clip.

Usually i’m a big fan of the daily show and its spinoffs, but I have to say that this clip annoyed me a little. It was nice to see Goodman getting the large exposure here, but Colbert would barely let her speak. While I do understand that it’s a comedy show, it would be nice to be able to laugh without losing some important information in the process. And it’s not that I didn’t find it funny, because I did laguh. The main problem I have is, that in the end, I can’t even say that she was painted in a positive light, so I cant imagine what type of impact this has on the segment of America that isn’t familiar with her and doesn’t necessarily agree with her opinions. She probably had some very interesting points to make with her stories, but was hardly able to speak.

  1. Even with Sam Malone, err I mean Ted Danson, last week when he was trying to talk abt ocean warming temps, Colbert was interrupting and everything. His style of humor will push off all quality guests. Honestly, he’s OK, but I expect he’ll be cancelled in the next cpl seasons. He’s too abrasive for the target audience, I think.

  2. That was weak on Colbert’s part. Goodman did a good job fighting back, but Colbert wouldn’t quit with the mock republican stuff. Same schtick he used on Bush at the press dinner, but not as fresh or appropriate in this context.

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