Some Tasteless Political Humor

In Children and Youth, Culture jamming, Culture of Corruption, Election 2006, Freedom of Speech, Laws & Regulation, Misc., Netroots, religion & politics, Sexuality, US Politics on October 10, 2006 at 2:39 pm

An email from a friend of mine that goes to school in Boston:

I’m thinking of coming home the weekend before election day – will there be things for me to do?

I have to level with you, this Foley thing has really affected me…I think I’m going to vote Republican now. If these people will f**k little boys, just imagine what they’ll do to that guy running North Korea.

You know they’re replacing Foley on the ballot in Florida? And they’re trying to get his name taken off so that people won’t feel like they’re voting for Foley himself. Unfortunately, the name of the Republican they found to run against him…..John Wayne Gacy.

No one in my Congress class liked that one either.


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