To the States,

In civil, Civil Liberties, Election 2006, Election 2008, Environment, Freedom of Speech, Global War On Terror, Hurricane Katrina, Immigration, International politics, Iraq War, Labor, Media Criticism, Race, religion & politics, Sexuality, Terrorism, US Politics on October 12, 2006 at 2:10 pm

by Walt Whitman


Why reclining, interrogating? why myself and all drowsing?

What deepening twilight – scum floating atop of the waters,

Who are they as bats and night-dogs askant in the capitol?

What a filthy Presidentiad! (O South, your torrid suns! O

North, your arctic freezings!)

Are those really congressmen? are those the great Judges? is

that the President?

Then I will sleep awhile yet, for I see that these States sleep,

for reasons;

(With gathering murk, with muttering thunder and lambent

shoots we all duly awake,

South, North, East, West, inland and seaboard, we will

surely awake.)

Written 1891


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