Housing Discrimination in Brooklyn

In Civil Liberties, class warfare, Culture of Corruption, Economic Justice, Housing, New York City, Race on October 17, 2006 at 10:46 pm

As if the institutional racism/classism of continually increasing rent costs wasn’t bad enough in NYC, we have to have groups like the Corocoran group acting like its 1960 around here….

Gotham Gazette posted a report today by the National Fair Housing Alliance about racist housing practices in New York.  They briefly described it as follows:

This report by the National Fair Housing Alliance charges that real estate agents of the Corcoran Group “steered homebuyers by race and denied basic services to African Americans.” Such activity, the report argues, helps explain why New York City, “for all its diversity…remains among the most segregated areas in the United States.” It recommends that the federal government set up a testing program to “provide systematic assessments of real estate agents and companies and take appropriate policy and enforcement actions to counteract discriminatory behavior.”

  1. City-Wide Task Force on Housing Court is doing some great work on the housing justice issues for tenants and the Fair Housing Justice Center is a fairly new upstart that has an incredibly impressive staff and they’re already doing amazing work for homeowners and homebuyers (including testing). The Task Force is doing some especially interesting work around the impact of landlord complaints to housing court regarding their tenant, and the effect those complaints can have on the tenant’s credit report — even when the complaint is settled in the tenant’s favor.

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