McCain: “I’d just commit suicide” if Democrats take control of Senate

In Culture of Corruption, Election 2006, Freedom of Speech, International politics, Netroots, Progressive Politics, US Politics on October 19, 2006 at 12:49 am

That’s all she wrote.

  1. What a strange man. In many ways his heart is with the Dems, so it’s odd that he (of all Republicans) would say that.

    He went against Bush on Habeus Corpus, and then flopped suddenly. You can see him battling himself right there in the public arena. He’s in the town square having a jousting match with himself.

    I wonder what it is that keeps him so loyal to the party, when there have been so many times when he’s wanted to break ranks. What is he afraid of?

    I believe in McCain, to a certain extent. I feel more comfortable with him in public office than a good many Democrats (I don’t imagine him skimming as much off the top as most reps and some dems do). He has a strong moral compass on certain issues, and he tries to follow it, but always winds up being led elsewhere.

  2. Blackmail. He’s probably on video eating a baby.

  3. Thursdays Headlines will read:


    Come on McCain!!!! Stick around…its just getting good!!!!!!

  4. Now he can get some things done! Get that GOP dirt off your shoulder Johhny!

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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