Mexican President condemns “assassination” of Brad Will

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MSM is still calling it a shootout (there are no guns used on theside of the popular uprising), but they’re referring to Brad’s death as an ‘assassination‘ now. If you doubt the claim that no guns were used, please watch the final, graphic, and painful minutes of Brad’s life – he films his own shooting. I have avoided linking to it until now because it is too difficult for me to watch, but this “shootout” business is just getting to be too much. Please note, when you’re not in a shoot out, you’re simply being shot at.

Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) — Mexican federal police, who occupied the southern city of Oaxaca yesterday, will remain “as long as necessary” to establish order after five months of protests, presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said.

Aguilar read a statement from Mexican President Vicente Fox condemning the “assassination” of U.S. journalist Bradley Will. Will, who worked for Indymedia in New York and had entered Mexico on a tourist visa, was killed Oct. 27 during a shootout between protesters and police, the U.S. Embassy said.

For a happier video of Brad, watch this (I recommend skipping to the second song at 3:30 into it).


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