Killed for the Truth, Paid for the Lies, and Impunity for the Murderers

In Blogs we like, Brad Will, class warfare, Culture jamming, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Speech, International politics, International Public Health, International Trade, Labor, Media Criticism, Netroots, New York City, Progressive Politics, Urban Planning / Space, US Politics on November 2, 2006 at 12:57 pm

LiftWhileClimbing ally Josh Breitbart has just posted a quality boil-down of the situation.  Below is the first bit of it.

Here are two small but important details about Brad’s death:

He was wearing an Indymedia t-shirt when he was shot. One bullet must have gone right through the (((i))). Maybe that shouldn’t matter to me but it does. I have that t-shirt, as do many people I love.

Second, Brad lived for nearly an hour after he was shot. The initial photos made it seem like he died on the spot. Other reports suggest he died minutes later on the way to a hospital. In fact, protesters carried his body for a long distance, drove a car until it ran out of gas, unsuccessfully tried to wave down a couple of trucks – it started to rain – and then, about five blocks from the Red Cross station, he died. I don’t know if this should matter either, but it does.


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