Action Model: Google Bombing

In Culture jamming, Election 2006, Netroots, Progressive Politics, Technology, US Politics on November 4, 2006 at 5:56 pm

Andrea Batista Schlesinger over at DMI posted about the practice of Google Bombing this past week.  I hadn’t heard too much about this before, but given the way that google works, it makes a lot of sense.  For others not in the know, read what she had to say:

Many of you may have read in this morning’s New York Times of a group of bloggers led by the netroots strategist extraordinaire Chris Bowers of MyDD.com (a friend of DMI) who are practicing the new technique of Google-bombing, where the search engine is manipulated so that when you Google certain Republicans you are led to less than flattering news articles about them.

Chris was also interested in pursuing a Google Ad strategy that would purchase ads for the targeted legislators linking people to those same news articles.

Here at DMI, we are fans of using Google to give people more information about their legislators. We were the first think tank in the country to launch a Google ad word campaign that would publicize the records of legislators — first in New York State and then members of Congress – in voting to strengthen and expand the middle class.

Our New York State project, launched in March, has gotten nearly a half-million impressions in the last month alone. Our Congressional project, the much bigger of the two, has been a fantastic success. Over 20 million people have seen our ads, with many clicking through to learn more about the records of their legislators.

Google is a fantastic tool. But, as with blogs and the netroots in general, the real question for all of us is how we will use these tools not just to influence electoral politics, but to influence public policy. An educated force of millions of Internet users would be the real explosion.

Technology is amazing.  People that manipulate it and use it creatively are even more amazing.  I love stuff like this.

  1. also was an amazing way that dan savage and crew reframe the name santorum. just google “santorum”…

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