If Bush Ruled the World (Imagine that)

In Blogs we like, Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus, International politics, Laws & Regulation, US Politics on November 5, 2006 at 1:32 am

From Ezekiel Edwards’ post, “Welcome to The New America (I’m scared)” on DMIblog

Imagine the following:

An American citizen donates money to a children’s charity in Afghanistan. A few months later, he is walking down an American street when federal agents grab him, throw him into a van, and drive away. He is told that President Bush has labeled him an unlawful enemy combatant for providing financial support to a terrorist organization. He is placed in a high-security prison and held there. While there, he is subjected to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. He requests the legal representation of a trusted lawyer. He is told that he cannot have his lawyer of choice, but rather can only be represented by a member of the military. He invokes Article 3 of the Geneva Convention, which prohibits “outrages upon personal dignity, particularly humiliating and degrading treatment”. He is told that President Bush now has the authority to “interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions”, and that the President’s determination is that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to him. He demands to be brought before a federal judge in federal court. His application is denied. He demands to see his wife and kids. No luck. He is placed on trial. A confession he made while being tortured is allowed into evidence. He seeks to challenge unlawfully obtained classified evidence the government is using against him, and demands to know the sources of such information. He is told he has no right to such information. He is convicted by a military judge appointed by Donald Rumsfeld and sentenced to death. Unable to appeal his sentence in federal court, he pursues the only route available to him: he asks for clemency from President Bush, the person who labeled him an unlawful enemy combatant. President Bush denies clemency. The man is executed.

Welcome to the New America.

  1. You think politicians’ ads are pointed? Check out the cover of this week’s edition of The Economist, the British weekly. The headline reads, “The vultures gather: America’s mid-term elections.” A drawing shows vultures lurking on a barren treenext to the U.S. Capitol.
    “Whichever way you look at it, the Republicans deserve to get clobbered next week,” The Economist says in an editorial (or “leader” as British journalists call them.) “[S]ometimes ruling parties become so addled and incompetent they need to be punished. ‘Depart, and let us have done with you,” [Oliver] Cromwell told the Rump Parliament [in 1653.] The Republicans deserve the same next week.”

  2. If only they’d be that blunt. Alas, there’s alot of pussyfooting, which will make the dems weaker when they do get into office. Strength is strength. Honesty is honesty. You can’t pussyfoot, pander, and spin issues now, and enter office with deep integrity later. The future and the present are seamless.

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