The asses are asses too

In class warfare, Culture of Corruption, Global War On Terror, International politics, Iraq War on November 15, 2006 at 11:21 pm

I was IMing with my friend Breanne last night, and she expressed shock about the new bill passed by the house, which “makes it a felony for animal rights activists to engage in non-violent protests that result in businesses losing money.” Apparently, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (HR 4239, S3880) was stealthily added, on friday, to the House calendar for Monday. Thus, it would have no debate, just an up/down vote.

9:22 PM Breanne: i can’t believe that…

what a sneaky move

I replied that I knew not to celebrate too soon. House Dems have been “compromising” for 6 years. It doesn’t take the slickest serpent to get them to bite the apple (put the word “terrorism” in a bill, and it gets passed; put the word “patriot” in a bill, and it gets passed).

today, Breanne sent me an email entitled “affirmation for point you made last night.” It reads:

again from democracynow.org

Reid Elected Democratic Senate Leader
Here in the United States, Democratic Senator Harry Reid was elected new Senate Majority leader on Tuesday. In an interview with the Washington Post, Reid said one of Democrats’ first priorities will be to increase the US military budget by $75 billion.


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