More info released about the cops in Queens

In New York City, Policing, Race on November 29, 2006 at 9:14 am

Yesterday and today, newspapers started publishing names and backgrounds of the police who were involved in the shooting in Queens this past weekend.  From one NYTimes article, the most notable piece is this:

One detective, Michael Oliver, 35, fired 31 rounds, according to an individual who knew the identities of the officers involved but was not authorized to release them.

Detective Oliver, who is white, joined the department 12 years ago, and has more than 600 arrests to his name, and multiple arrests involving guns, which the individual said underscored a history of restraint with his own firearm. His name was reported yesterday in The Daily News and The New York Post.

The fact that the officer who fired the most shots is white serves as more ammo in the argument that this is in fact a racial case.   Many people have been citing the racial makeup of the group of police, arguing that it’s different than cases in the past because non-white officers were involved.  But if the white officer is the one who unloaded two full clips, and took the time to reload, then that creates a deeper set of issues.

Do 600 arrests really mean anything from a guy who is willing to fire off 31 rounds?  Who’s to say that all 600 were legitimate?  Who’s to say that none of those weren’t racially motivated?

I think we need some more info.

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