Who’s a Rat.com: List Police Informants and Undercover Agents

In Civil Liberties, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Speech, Laws & Regulation, Technology, US Politics on December 21, 2006 at 5:30 pm

An interesting piece:

Is it legal for a website to publish the names and photos of persons its users claim are criminal informants (often referred to as “rats” or “snitches”), or undercover police agents? A website called “Who’s a Rat” says it is doing just that.

While it’s understandable that judges and the police are outraged by the site, the site appears perfectly legal – and it seems it will remain so, unless it ever were to actually threaten informants or undercover agents.

Absent such a threat, the content of the web site is protected by the First Amendment. In this column, I’ll explain why – drawing upon a key precedent relating to speech online that may be linked to potential real-world violence.

  1. lets just face it, this whole country is corrupt.

  2. andrew vankamp, of Kingston, Ont. Canada is a no good rat goof who wrote a video statement on myself for the theft of a laptop which i was essentially sentnced to a year in maximum security. as it was my first time in adult jail the sentence was a little harsh as it would usually get u about 90 days. I was able to outsmart and keep ahead of the game for years they had raided my house for suspicion of me being a fence and could never make a case worth while. then along comes a longtime friend who i carried financially and trusted and in return and fear of the probation this first time no record pussy might get if they could (which they couldnt) stick a case together on him he flipped and not only wrote a statement on me videotaped it for good measure. since i was such a menace to society and supposedly provided drug addicts with money and such for bringing me hot electronics the crown and judge were very harsh with giving no bail and sentencing me to a year in jail. even though no laptop was ever recovered and i was in no way except threw this rat connected to being in possesion of such laptop- SO FUCK ANDREW “THE RAT!!” VANKAMP of kingston ontario canada and anyone who associates with such a fucking goof rat

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