Keep the case for Sean Bell alive….

In Civil Liberties, Music, New York City, Policing, Race on February 18, 2007 at 4:33 pm

NY1 posted a story today about the end of a 50 day long vigil for Sean Bell. I wasn’t able to make it out to this vigil, but I definitely respect the cause. Everyone must keep this case, and any others like it, in the public conscious. We can’t simply let it slip away and allow things like this to continue to happen. Speaking of this, I want to express a big THANK YOU to Mos Def for mentioning Sean Bell at his concert at Brooklyn’s BAM the other night (as well as for having the entire band wear those excellent So Fresh, So Clean Barack Obama shirts, and putting on an amazing show.)

Here’s the story from NY1:

The two-month vigil by friends and family of police shooting victim Sean Bell comes to an end tomorrow.

The group, which held a rally Saturday, has been stationed outside the 103rd Precinct stationhouse in Jamaica, Queens for 50 days: the number of shots fired by officers at Bell the night he died.

They want the officers who fired the shots held accountable, and want to make sure there is never another case like Sean Bell.

Bell, 23, was shot and killed by police on November 23rd as he was leaving his bachelor party at a Queens nightclub. He was to be married the next day. Two of his friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, were also injured.

The group offered support to those impacted by police brutality, which they say has become a “nationwide epidemic.”

“We decided that it would be important to have an event like this which centered on other parents whose children have been killed by the police, coming here to the vigil, standing in solidarity with the Bell family, showing their determination for justice for Sean Bell,” said Carl Dix of the October 22nd Coalition, a group to stop police brutality.

“I feel very passionately, and I feel very strongly about the incident with Sean Bell because it could be my nephew, my son,” said another protestor, Eia Louis-Ferguson.

A grand jury is still weighing evidence in the case to determine whether police officers involved will face criminal charges.


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