“What Happens When Bush Vetoes?”

In Afghanistan, Culture of Corruption, Global War On Terror, Habeas Corpus, International politics, Iraq War, Laws & Regulation, Policing, Terrorism on April 4, 2007 at 7:34 pm

From an e-mail sent to me by Chris Dodd for President, which, I suppose, is an organization trying to get Dodd elected president.

If President Bush delays funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by vetoing the war supplemental passed last week, how will Democrats react?

One course of action would be to capitulate and immediately write the President another blank check, devoid of benchmarks and accountability.

But that’s not the right choice, nor is it what Democrats were elected to do on November 7, 2006.

Assuming a veto, Senator Russ Feingold and Majority Leader Harry Reid plan to introduce legislation next Tuesday mandating that President Bush begin troop withdrawals one hundred and twenty days after passage.

The bill also serves notice that funding for the war will end by March 31, 2008.

Senator Dodd has signed on as one of the first co-sponsors of the Feingold-Reid bill.

Will you lend your support to this important piece of legislation and ask your personal networks to do the same?


It looks like they want us to sign something supporting this legislation, which will only be introduced after Bush has smacked down some other legislation.  Well, ridiculous or not, I suppose I’ll sign it.  Feel free to do the same.

  1. What are the Democrats plan for dealing with the consequences of withdrawal from Iraq before Iraq has a stable freely elected government that is capable of defending itself from foreign and domestic enemies?

    How does the Democrat’s plan deal with the Genocide that will likely happen upon US Withdrawal before Iraqi forces are capable of defending itself let alone the population?

    How does the Democrats plan address our allies in the War on Terror some of whom face challenges from Islamic Fundamentalists of thier own? Many of them I am sure may consider the only chance they have of survival is to succomb to the demands of terrorists.

    How does the Democrats plan deal with the boon to Terrorists recruitment, and what those new recruits will be training to do.

    It doesn’t matter what any one’s point of view on the justification of this war is; the bottom line is that we are at war. We are there and nothing anyone can do can change that fact. Congress debated and voted in 2002 to authorize the President to utilize our Military to force Iraq into compliance with a multitude of UN Resolutions, oust one of the most brutal dictatorial regimes the world has ever seen, and defend the national security of the United States. Once the decision was made to go to war the debate and discussion on its justification should have ended. From that moment on the only two choices on the table were victory or defeat. Make no mistake, withdrawing our forces before victory is achieved is a defeat.

    In World War II we had the political fortitude to see the conflict through to the end and civilization is far better off for it. Today, we need the commitment to wage this war as a war… no half assed approach is going to work here. War is brutal.. we need to ensure that our enemies and those who support them know full well just how brutal it is. Our military superiority is unquestioned, what is questioned is the will of politicians to use that force to the capacity necessary to achieve victory.

  2. […] writing about the War since I started contributing to this blog a few months ago, but comment on a recent post has forced my hand. Much talk has been made on the fact that America must stay in Iraq until is has […]

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