About Lift While Climbing

LiftWhileClimbing is the effort of a small group of friends to create a space for exchanging ideas with each other and the rest of the online community. Most posts will revolve around political or social themes, but there may be other things thrown in as well. We see the open exchange of ideas as form of social change in and of itself. Through this exchange and by aggressively courting others to get active, we look to live up to the old proverb which says that while you climb a mountain, you must not forget others along the way — you must look beyond yourself and lift while you climb.

Our current contributors are based out of New York, Philly, and Chicago, but we invite all readers to start their involvement simply by posting comments. The blog as it now stands is only the most recent incarnation of this project, so, as we advocate in more public terms, get involved and help us shape our future.

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