Habeas Corpus

For the next month or so, we’ve decided to make habeas corpus a reoccurring theme. This desicion is inspred by the blatant disregard for the law and principle that the current sitting U.S. President has shown by signing the Military Commissions Act into effect. Below you will find our thoughts, research, and links relating to the recent events and to the history of the principle. (This page is under construction. Check back for updates).
Posts on Lift While Climbing:

The Military Commissions Act: Laying the Legal Groundwork for a Police State

The Military Commissions Act and Bush’s history of prisoner treatment

Protestors against Military Commissions Act arrested in front of White House

Not the half of it

Americans not scared/angry enough

Habeas Corpus: Let’s start with the basics

Interview with a Professor of Constitutional Law

The Real Reason for the Military Commissions Act, and the Act Challenged

Other Countries use U.S. as model for prisoner abuse

UN Says Military Commissions Act May Violate International Treaties

External Resources (more coming soon):

Wikipedia on Habeas Corpus

Wikipedia on the Military Commissions Act

Youtube videos (other than those contained in Liftwhileclimbing posts):

An anti-war protestor in Sacramento speaks on the Military Commissions Act:

Democracy Now on the Military Commissions Act:

Hillary Clinton on the Military Commissions Act (before it was signed)


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