Happy Flying

In Culture of Corruption, Laws & Regulation, Terrorism on August 11, 2006 at 10:33 am

I’ll be flying out to the midwest tomorrow.  I always seem to have the best timing in choosing flights.  This time it’s two days after a terror plot was supposedly foiled in London.  Now I can’t bring any liquids on the plane and the airport will probably be chaos.  Here is how the Washington Post described the scene at Dulles on their website today:

Security checkpoints became clogged, creating lines that snaked through the terminals. At BWI, screeners were so thorough that they confiscated toothpaste from air marshals, who carry guns. Police patrolled the terminals with machine guns and sniffer dogs, and fresh signs were posted: “NO LIQUID OR GELS PERMITTED BEYOND SECURITY.”

Some security officials taped the advisories to their backs. Others carried megaphones.

“Mascara is not permitted to go!” one shouted. Allowances were made for baby formula and prescription medicines.

As Transportation Security Administration officials struggled with the backups, passengers fretted about whether they would make their flights, whether the new precautions made sense, whether someone would actually try blowing up airplanes with a gel-like substance. Some wished they could cancel their flights, and at least one couple did. And sometimes, though infrequently, their tempers erupted.

Sometime in the next couple of years, entering an airport will probably be like entering a prison.  But at least people [think they] are safe. 

While the security helps people feel comfortable, how about some real solutions to terror….like putting a stop to unjust war and corruption.

While most of the country is getting frisked and searched at airports, Bush is trying to cover his ass for war crimes.

This article (by Pete Yost, published by AP) reports that:

“The Bush administration drafted amendments to the War Crimes Act that would retroactively protect policymakers from possible criminal charges for authorizing any humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees, according to lawyers who have seen the proposal. “

“The move by the administration is the latest effort to deal with treatment of those taken into custody in the war on terror…”

“I think what this bill can do is in effect immunize past crimes. That’s why it’s so dangerous,” said a third attorney, Eugene Fidell, president of the National Institute of Military Justice.”

Happy Flying everyone.


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